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A. Jensen Edelholz Watkescher Delux Medium

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The A.Jensen Burl Wood nets, are some very beautiful handcrafted nets of the highest quality. We have only used the best wood for these nets, and the spacer is made of centre root from a hard tropical wood. This gives enormous strength, very low weight and it is unbelievable beautiful. The netbag is made of knotless fish friendly mesh, and is so deep it will secure the catch of you dream fish.
Two sizes that will cover the everything from the small stream to the big fish from the coast.
Model XL                                                Model Medium
Length: 92 cm                                          Length: 55,5 cm
Width: 42 cm                                           Width: 24 cm
Handle Length: 31 cm                             Handle Length: 17,5 cm
Size of net: 85 cm                                    Size of net: 51 cm
Weight: 460 g                                           Weight: 200 g.

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