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A.Jensen Fliegenrolle Target 8-10 Pike in Olive

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Our new Target reel, is made to meet the demands of today’s fly fishers. We wanted to make a light and tuff reel with a full frame design, fully closed brake and in a modern and functional design.
The outcome was the Target reel.
The reel is CNC cut from High Grade 6061 Aircraft Aluminium. The sheer strength of this pretty expensive material ensures high stability, which is one of the most important issues, especially when you at the same time make a light reel. We have even made an extra strong house with a closed full frame design to make the base of the reel as stable and strong as possible. Not something that cuts weight, but sure adds to strength and stability. The full framed house also ensures the line will not get tangled between the house and spool – something all users of shooting heads will appreciate!!
The brake is a fully closed and sealed multi carbon disc system. Inside the brake you find higher pressure than outside (you get that when you close the house wherein the brake lies). This ensures that nothing will enter the brake, no dirt, no water, no sand etc, as it simply can't moove against the pressure gradient. This feature combined with the materials used for the entire reel, makes it a perfect choice also in salt and brackish water.
The reel comes in 4 sizes, and each size has a “target” species engraved in the house.
# 2/4 is called “Grayling”
# 4/6 is called “ Rainbow Trout”
# 6/8 is called “ Sea Trout”
# 8/10 is called “ Pike”
Each model comes in two color versions.
All models has a black house and one of the two following spool colors
“Grayling”: Gun Smoke (Titanium) or Dark Red
“Rainbow Trout”: Gun Smoke (Titanium) or Pink
“Sea Trout”: Gun Smoke (Titanium) or Ice Blue
“Pike”: Gun Smoke (Titanium) or Olive
Precision CNC cut from High Grade 6061 Aircraft Aluminium
Ultra large arbor
Easy adjustable fully closed multi carbon disc brake
Easy to change from right hand to left hand retrieve
Closed house design for extra strength and stability
Saltwater resistant
Quick spool change without loose parts
Spools in 2 colors
Size Weight Spool Dia/width/Depth
# 2/4 143 g 74/28/12 mm
# 4/6 151 g 86/28/14 mm
# 6/8 169 g 94/30/16 mm
# 8/10 200 g 104/32/18 mm

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