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Taylor Fliegenrolle Revolution in Offshore Blue

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Revolution (definition): 1. a sudden, radical, or complete change. A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something. 2. The motion of any figure about a center or axis. 
"Lets make a reel that is revolutionary!" That was the sentence that started the design and development of our new reel. We had a vision to design a reel that had the best drag system in existence, a stunning look and feel, all while keeping the price point affordable. We knew if we could accomplish those three goals we would create a reel that was truly revolutionary!

- Watertight sealed drag system (salt-water safe)
- Hard anodized exterior for both beauty and protection
- Multiple colors (Slate Grey, Electric Green, Burnt Orange, Deepsea Blue)
- Six disk stacked drag system; drag settings from dead-stop to fine sensitivity. 
- Smooth drag that eliminates start-up friction
- Ultra large arbor design for fast retrieve and minimal line coil. 
- Machined from aerospace 6061 T6 Aluminum 
- Reel clicks on both incoming and outgoing
- Convertible to both left and right hand retrieve
- Reels come in a tough cordura fabric case
- Best in class 25lb drag pressure
1. The Drag - The development of the revolution started with the drag. We wanted to create the worlds best drag system. We wanted a powerful, sealed, smooth, and reliable drag system. The revolution has a sealed, multi-disk drag system that is unrivaled in power! We went through design after design all to fine tune the perfect fish fighting machine! With a multi-disc drag, you are applying even braking pressure and heat dispersion over multiple surfaces rather than a single surface. This multi-disk drag eliminates start up inertia prevents slip problems. Our drag has up to 25lbs of drag strength! 
2. The Look - For many fly fisherman how a reel looks is just as important as how it preforms. The physical design of the Revolution speaks for itself. The Revolution is lightweight, machined, anodized, and functional. We also included some fun and unique colors just to top it off!
3. The Price - A stunning fly reel normally comes at a heart breaking price. For many owning a top of the line fly fishing reel is impossible. The Taylor Reels Revolution keeps in line with the company vision of "quality and affordable"!
4. The Ultra Large Arbor - While large arbor reel are common in the fly fishing world the ultra large arbor is a newer innovation. Our arbor size improves line retrieval speed, decreases line memory, and still allows you to hold a significant amount of backing!
5. The Details - The difference between a good fly reel and a great fly reel is the details. When designing the revolution we looked at every detail: how far the drag knob protrudes, the handle size and concave, the clicking mechanism, the spool diameter to width ratio, the quality of the bearings, etc... No detail was overlooked on the Revolution!
6. The Quality - The workmanship, materials, and quality of the Revolution are second to none. We use the highest quality materials and modern machining techniques on our new reel. The frame is machined from 6061T alloy aluminum. The frame is ridged, strong, yet lightweight. The drag disks are made of heat resistant Nulon. 

Modell 4-6
Größe: 95mm x 25mm
Gewicht: 156 Gramm
Kapazität: WF5F und 150m 20lb. Backing

Modell 7-9
Größe: 110mm x 30mm
Gewicht: 196 Gramm
Kapazität: WF8F und 200m 20lb. Backing

Modell 10-12
Größe: 127mm x 32mm
Gewicht: 218 Gramm
Kapazität: WF11F und 250m 20lb. Backing

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