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A.Jensen Magellan Traveller Fliegenruten 7-teilig

Art. Nr.: 10101200
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A.Jensen Magellan Traveller Fliegenruten 7-teilig

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Super value for money. A fast action rod with good quality fittings and cork handle. A sensitive rod using AHT, meaning it is easy to cast. The Travel version is in 7 sections, meaning each part is only app 42 cm long - perfect for hiding away in luggage.
Supplied with a rod tube.
Arrives in the Spring 2017
30 Tons graphite
Advanced Helical Taper technology
Top quality Portuguese cork handles
SIC Stripping guides
Beautiful reel seat in airspace graded aluminium and hard wood
Super Hard Chrome double leg snakes and top guides
Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts
Supplied in Cordura rod tube
LengthAFTMRec. Shooting Head WeightPcs.WeightHandle
9'512 gr 7 Half Wells + 3,5 cm Fighting butt
9'716 gr7 Full Wells + 3,5 cm Fighting butt

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